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Bobcat Service

Bobcat Service

Save Time and Money!

BobCARE PMOn your jobsite or at our shop, Bobcat Central Planned Maintenance keeps you going!

  • BobCare PM is scheduled at regular intervals.
  • BobCare PM can be done in our shop or at your jobsite.
  • BobCare PM is performed by Bobcat-trained service technicians.
  • BobCare PM lets you choose from different levels of service.
  • BobCare PM keeps downtime and cost per hour low, performance high.
  • BobCare PM includes lab analysis of your engine and hydraulic oil.
  • BobCare PM is available only from your Bobcat dealer, Bobcat Central.

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Preventative maintenance is critical to your Bobcat® equipment investment. From engine fluids and filters to batteries and grease, you are covered with Bobcat maintenance parts and service.

Bobcat Heavy-Duty Batteries are Designed with Tough Jobs in Mind!

Don't Let a Weak Battery Keep Your Machine Standing Still.

Bobcat Batteries

Crank it up with a Bobcat heavy-duty battery! Bobcat equipment needs a battery that can deliver the necessary power while withstanding hard jolts and heat. There’s a Bobcat battery specifically designed for your Bobcat equipment. Download the Bobcat Battery Reference Guide.

Unlike look-a-like batteries, Bobcat Batteries feature:

  • Full-size reinforced plates store full cranking power—even in extreme conditions
  • Lead-welded post seal and anchored elements
  • Ample intercell connector allows for balanced flow of current through the battery
  • Microporous envelope separators for long battery life
  • Specifically designed for Bobcat equipment
  • One-piece cover with foldable suitcase handle for easy installation


Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Fluid

Fill up on protection.

Hydraulic fluidBobcat’s unique orange Premium Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Fluid is a custom blended fluid made from the finest base oils and additives to meet Bobcat Engineering’s high performance requirements, long life, and extreme conditions and reliability specifications for compact equipment. It provides optimum flow—even in subzero temperatures —and maintains excellent stability during periods of high-temperature use. Bobcat's Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Fluid is available in four convenient sizes - 1 gallon jug, 2.5 gallon jug, 5 gallon pails, and 55 gallon drums.

Incomparable Filter Components

If your filter lasts forever, it means it's not filtering! Contaminants are the enemy of your equipment’s internal systems. FiltersPoor filtration can allow contaminants to enter your internal systems causing vital parts failure and expensive repairs. Protect your investment with Bobcat quality filters that are specifically designed to provide the most sophisticated protection.

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